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Greystroke is a wild rat who lives on prairie with a community of other rats. He feels threatened by a new rat, Schrich, in his village who can steal from the local human household better than he can. Eager to prove that he is a better thief, he takes a big risk by attempting to steal a ring Schrich is desperate to get.



"I'm going to beat him. No matter what."

A broken hooded blue rat. Greystroke learned the art of stealing by his father and is the only rat from his village who dares to steal from the humans that is...until Schrich came along. He is determined to prove to Schrich and the village that he is the best thief.


"May the earth embrace you."

A Essex Beige rat. He is loyal to Greystroke who is best friend and has been his playmate since they were small. He knows little about humans and spends most of his time foraging for food on the prairie.


"Oh, just give him some neck scratches. Cat's love neck scratches."

A dumbo Irish black rat. Arrives in Greystroke's village out of the blue and using cleverness and wit, he has charmed everyone in the village except for Greystroke. His past and reason for leaving his previous home is unknown.


"You are a foreigner, so you are unfamiliar with our society."

A Siamese odd eyed rat.


Chiizusando - Writer, Programmer & BG Artist

YuukiCrossPudding - Artist

Kumiho - Proofreader

Lukedoc321 - Composer

Camy- GUI

This demo of Chasing Your Tail is a visual novel created for NaNoRenO 2016. The full version will be released later this year.

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